Sep 012014

jennifer-lawrence Anonymous posters to online message boards like 4Chan started this Monday, September 1st to distribute nude images of tons of female stars including Oscar-winner Jennifer Lawrence, pop icon Rihanna and top model Kate Upton between others on a huge private data leak from online storage services.

Aug 282014

This 25th Anniversary of the Firewall Infographic put out by Mcafee – now part of Intel Security – creatively depicts the ‘lifetime’ of firewalls. It shows an interesting look at the evolution of the firewall technology. With each new development, Mcafee firewall thought that they had it all covered. But, overtime those new great technologies were outdone and had to be updated. The evolution of the firewall is still ongoing and Mcafee is not convinced the firewall is all grown up just because it’s been around for 25 years.

Aug 252014

Sony-gaming-network Cyber criminals have targeted gaming companies Sony’s PlayStation Network, Microsoft’s Xbox, Riot Games’ the League of Legends and a few others in one of the largest attempts to disrupt online gaming services in recent history.

Aug 232014

App-Secret-LogoThe Secret application that allows users to share messages covertly, had breached the security of its service. Two American hackers, Benjamin Caudill and Bryan Seely, managed to discover the authors of the messages posted on the application.

Aug 062014

LogRhythm-logo ISACA, a nonprofit, independent association that advocates for professionals involved in information security, assurance, risk management and governance has released a global study that shows that one in five organizations (21%) have experienced an advanced persistent threat (APT) attack, and that 66% believe it’s only a matter of time before their enterprise is hit by an APT.

Jul 242014
Stay Ahead on the Cyber Security Game E-Book.

IBM’s E-Book on How to Stay Ahead on the Cyber Security Game.

Technology is constantly changing and people are bringing their own devices to work changing the way organizations work. The demand for BYOD or Bring Your Own Device is surging, but that poses challenges for how security is managed. IBm recently defined the crux of the problem: “These mobile devices seem to be the antithesis of everything security professionals have been trying to do to keep things secure: they are mobile, rich in data, easy to lose and connected to all kinds of systems with insufficient security measures embedded.”

Jul 182014
Dell SonicWALL Logo

Dell SonicWALL Logo

The Dell SonicWALL family of firewalls integrates intrusion prevention, malware protection, and Application Intelligence and Control with real-time Visualization. Dell’s SonicWALL inspection engine scans 100% of traffic and scales to meet the needs of the most high-performance corporate or enterprise networks.

Jul 042014

hacker explains how he exploited the vulnerability After Ponte de Lima, a computer attack in Guarda, Portugal, allowed adult movies to be shown at a public information panel. The panel, which broadcasts tourist information was taken by hackers or as they say the Portuguese say computer pirates.